It's another boy!!! :D We're both really happy even though we "wanted" a girl (really all we want is a healthy baby). The next few years of our lives will be filled with much excitement. Poor kid is going to have a few pages in his baby book about how badly we wanted a girl, but I assure you all he will be greatly loved :) Maybe since we're so willing to adopt we should go ahead and adopt a girl when we're ready. The tech said he looks great and everything is measuring right on schedule. He is currently one 1lb, 7ozs. Here are the pics of our very proud baby boy. I wouldn't normally post a pee-pee picture, but Josh is away and I want him to be able to see them.

Now we need to come up with names! haha We had girls names picked out, but boys names are so hard to find. They have to be strong, uncommon, but not weird. It's not an easy task. AND we don't have to have a baby shower or buy any clothes! This weekend we're going to the store to get a new crib bedding set since ours is in a sad state of affairs now after all the washing, tugging, chewing, diving, and digging it's been through... and a "bringing home baby" outfit. Every child deserves at least one new item of clothing to bring them home from the hospital. YAY!! I finally can shop for the baby!! :D

Here is that belly pic I kept saying I was going to take. I finally took it like an hour ago haha. I am 23 weeks along now! Don't ask me how much I weigh. I have no idea. The battery in my scale died and I keep forgetting to bring a new one upstairs with me.

*** Josh saw the pics so I took down the one. Even the unborn deserve a little privacy! ***

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