New Year's and News

Our New Years was pretty awesome. I cooked all day long and it was marvelous. We had our neighbors over and we played some Rayman's Raving Rabbids TV Party (the one where you use your butt). I love that game. We all had a blast and were stuffed from all the food I made. I think I am going to keep some of the dishes as our new traditional New Years meal: the Pernil, which is Puerto Rican slow roasted pork and Borracho beans, which are one of the few Mexican dishes I actually like. That and pumpkin pie, apple pie, and fresh baked bread. My first time making apple pie and I totally nailed it ;) hahaha. Seriously... it was delicious.

In other news, Josh left for his TDY and will be gone for 70 days. However, I am pretty sure he'll be here for the weekends. He's only a 3 hour drive away. We'll see how it goes. I might go down to Florida for awhile to visit Janine, Maggie, and the twins... YOU HEAR THAT, GUYS?! ;) haha We'll see. Right now I am in "be girly and mope around while watching sappy romantic comedies" mode. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better after I am forced to use my WIC coupons and go to appointments at the hospital.

Only 9 more days until my sonogram! :D January 13th at 4pm. I can't wait! WIsh Josh could be there, but he'll be at the birth and that's what's important :)

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