Noah the Chatterbox

Certain things have gone unmentioned that simply must be said about Noah and Tristan! Let's start with Noah. Having Noah around is almost like having a parrot. We will go someplace and he randomly repeats the last few words people around us say... really loud, which no one has seemed to notice yet. He repeats and narrates everything that is happening in movies and in real life as he interprets it. Here are some fun examples from the past week or so:

The other day "The Animal" was on TV at our house, I thought nothing of it... I mean there's nothing too bad about that movie. Some part came on with his black friend, talking about people not yelling at him for doing the wrong thing (just because he's black). What was Noah's interpretation? "That black man is smoking because he's black, Mommy!" no no no no no.... oh man. So that took a little explaining and hopefully I erased something in the process haha. I am so tired of kids' movies!! Oh well.

Noah got a new toothbrush in his stocking. I finally got it out for him to use and he told me "Mommy I love this toothbrush. It has an angled neck like a dental instrument." This is coming from a child who has never been to the dentist. Explanation? It was on a commercial for a toothbrush. Oh and he loves to tell me we need everything that is on commercials. Today we needed the big city slider station so we could make hamburgers.

He was randomly sick for a couple days. One of which entailed a whole lot of puking, poor guy. I think it was just from him refusing to blow his nose... gross, I know. So anyway... he had made it through the rest of the day without puking and seemed in high spirits so we went out to eat. We were walking out the door when he lurched everywhere, halfway in and halfway outside. Poor Noah :/ He said "I made a terrible mess. I'm such a bad kid." Josh and I both immediately refuted this because it was just an accident, but where did he get that phrasing?!

I could go on and on. He just comes up with the weirdest stuff! I have to be really careful with what he sees because he puts himself into situations and freaks out. We tried to watch ET today and he was remembering when I went to the hospital to have Tristan, but somehow I was also ET and I stopped breathing and the doctors were trying to fix me. I explained everything and took myself out of ET and he calmed down. I had to let him finish watching just so that he knew ET was alive and back home with his family! He was dancing and yelling about ET going home. He told me he's going to dream about outer space tonight.

After our road trip I decided it was time to really try and get Noah to work on his F's and V's. He's doing a pretty good job! I can tell it's really hard for him to concentrate on where the correct sound actually needs to go, but he's proud of himself for finally getting the Ffff right.

Noah looooves his smart cycle, Mom! He found it this morning and thought Santa left it, and I corrected him. He told me a few times today that you got it for him, so I guess it stuck! Tristan also enjoys sitting on it and pressing buttons. I am uploading the video now.


Michelle said…
Jake is a chatterbox like Noah. Just last night I was thinking how much he entertains me with all his bizarre concepts of things.
Caleb yelled at him and Jake yelled back, "when you yell at me you are like an angry pepper!!". Of course we all started laughing uncontrollably. He's weird! Must be in our blood, huh?
Amalia said…
WTG on the Fff's that is such a hard noise to make! The ET thing is kinda heartbreaking but I absolutely adore the other things he said. He is just great.

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