Well I knew it could happen here, but I thought it wouldn't... it's snowing!  It's not just little snow either.  It's nice big chunks of "Ohio" snow ;)  The boys are so enthralled.  I am going to have to take them back outside to play.  We went out earlier when it had just started, but now it's really coming down and they aren't going to leave me alone until they get to go back outside.  

It's actually sticking to the ground now too... CRAZY!  My neighbor behind me is from Florida and she was outside with her camera, really excited... she's never seen snow :)  Too bad my other Floridian neighbor isn't here too (although she lived in West Virginia for awhile so I'm sure she's seen snow) What a cool day!


Haley Elizabeth said…
Yeah, so they expected snow here to and we were "suppose" to get like 2-6 inches then it changed to 1-3 inches. School was canceled due to "predicted weather". Guess what..we got nothing!! ZERO inches of snow. They said it "dried out" before it hit land or something. Haley's dance class was even canceled to b/c of the non-snow haha.
Michelle said…
LOL...I love that Tristan followed you outside and was trying to catch the snow. I guess that is better than no snow at all, huh? We took the kids sledding on Sunday, but there was to much snow to sled. It took them awhile to get the hill packed down.
Jen said…
I don't know how else to respond to a comment that is left on my page. But yeah he gave us a scare and a visit from the EMT around 5 months with my low blood sugars. And my face breaking out horribly. Other then that i have been OK. He is really tiny though, well i guess in track i should say. both girls were measuring a little higher then normal all the way through. I'm supposed to deliver on the 18 but if he is still small we might hold out! I just want to see him.

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