THE Sonogram

Today at 4pm I showed up for my sonogram, both boys and a bag of toys and snacks to keep them quiet. They kicked me out because "you absolutely cannot have kids in the sonogram room"... DOH! Luckily they were nice enough to pencil me in for 9:30 tonight so I knocked on a lot of neighbors' doors to find someone to babysit the monitor for a couple hours. No luck. One's in Florida, one works nights, one is going to the airport at 10, one never came home, the other one creeps me out so no thanks. Finally I called my friend Rachel whom I've known since Basic Training and she's going to drive all the way over here to sit in my house for me. Bless you, Rach :)

So... later tonight I will scan and upload the new pictures and the BIG NEWS!! Wish me girl good luck! ;)


Britni said…
Yay! Only an hour and a half until you find out! That was nice of our friend to help you out:)

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