We Escaped!! :D

It's been pretty cruddy weather here the past few days. We've been watching a lot of movies and playing inside games. It gets pretty boring in the house. Plus the rain makes me feel sleepy. I bought Noah "The Sandlot" and he loves it! I'm also a big fan :) I am not going to complain too much about the rain because I know it could be worse (like in Ohio or Kansas).

During our inside time this week I did a lot of cleaning and shopping. I found some new baby clothes and Josh and I picked out a crib set (on clearance YAY!). Some of our house looks cleaner than when we moved in hahaha. NESTING! I think mijo #3 will be wearing the zebra outfit home, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see what Josh thinks this weekend. Tomorrow is finally Friday! :D

Finally the clouds parted today and we got some sunshine and warm temperatures. Don't hate... congratulate! ;) We went to the Phinizy Swamp again, of course. It's the closest park to us with wildlife. There are a few others, but they're just playgrounds and I don't think those are nearly as entertaining (for me) nor educational.

First discovery? Poop, of course :P hahaha. Noah was a good big brother and wouldn't let Tristan touch it.

Noah picked these sticks up and was playing Kung Fu Panda with fire ant hills.

I'm free!!! I'm FREEEE!!! :D

He insisted on bringing his camera and binoculars. Remember those, Mom?

I was so excited to get out there with my new camera! I am loving it and slowly figuring out my manual settings. I still haven't tried out the other lens. I figure that will happen on Sunday at Josh's soccer game... also exciting! I just hope I don't lose track of the kids :P hahaha. That's one hard thing about the soccer games. Just trying to watch is hard enough let alone taking pictures! Thankfully the autofocus on my lens works quickly, especially in natural sunlight (which I figured out today).

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