Tristan the Big Boy

Tristan is running like a champ all around the house now. He's got a new favorite game. He runs as fast as he can towards someone and then SLAMS into them, dives into their legs, or whacks them really hard with his arms. I'm trying to get him to be gentle because he also thinks it's funny to bounce on my stomach like it's the couch. I know I can't be helping since I laugh, but you'd laugh too if you could see his face. He likes to wrestle. All he wants to do is wrestle. He starts fights with Noah all the time and then laughs and runs away. He also gets in kissy moods too and everyone gets free Tristan kisses :)

Tris is also getting 2 new teeth... the big kind! They don't seem to be bothering him too much. In fact I think he likes having the extra support for chewing, and the extra surface area to brush. He's getting better with a spoon, and by that I mean he's actually willing to try and use one. I thought it was time he got to sit at the big table with us. He's done really well and he loves sitting next to Noah. In the middle of eating he will reach over just to touch Noah and smile. He is enjoying his big boy chair :)

Every night Tris reads "Brown Bear" to his baby in bed. It's so cute! He doesn't say any actual words at all but he turns the pages and kind of sings. I wish I could get a video, but if he can see me he stops everything. He's getting a lot more personable as he's learning and understanding more. He looks at the picture wall upstairs and points out all the ones of Daddy. He also points to other pictures and looks to me to remind him who everyone is. He puts things on his head to make us laugh. He brushes his hair and his own teeth. He tries to get undressed when I say "bathtime"... that skill will take a few more months I think. He pets Bosley and talks to him. He's just so much fun to have around :) I know Josh is missing him! He sure misses Daddy.


Amalia said…
That is soo cute. I just don't want him to be a "big boy" yet! It breaks my heart! He is growing so fast.

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