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Hello all. Sorry I've been slacking so badly on the blog. I have been frantically cleaning for the past 4 days for some reason.... hormones, maybe? Isn't it a little early for nesting?

I've been having some fun with my new camera, but I haven't really gotten to go out and try it because of the weather. I want to take it outside to the swamp and try out my lenses in natural light. It just so happens that the day before I got my camera the weather was amazing so I took the boys out to the swamp and we had a fabulous time. I let Tristan walk the entire time even though all I could picture was him falling through the fence into the freezing nasty swamp water. I try to suppress my Mom fears when I feel it gets in the way of learning. He had so much fun! He touched everything he saw... moss, a hermit crab exoskeleton, pine needles, dirt, wood, sand, feathers... anything. Noah had a great time too! We talked about what animals we saw... and there were tons of ducks out there for once. More importantly we talked about what animals we didn't see and why. I got to give him a little lesson on migration, hibernation, and adaptation during winter. We're going to the library today to get some cute kids books about it. This is all so exciting for me because I love science and Noah's finally at an age where he retains information and even regurgitates it in normal conversation. I think Noah likes science too because he was quite interested in what I was saying :) YAY! It only makes sense... Josh and I are both nerds. Oh and I was also happy about all the Great Blue Herons that were hanging around. I got to hear what they sound like!... very very loud haha. I didn't have a camera with me so no photos.

I put Noah's dino eggs from Easter into the bathtub. They're little dinosaur heads and when you open them it looks like they are opening their mouths. He fills them with water, lines them up on the side of the tub, and then has them all puke into a cup so he can bake dinosaur cake. This is how boys bake! lol Although I cannot place the blame on my innocent child because I was kinda the one who did it first :) hehe... WHAT?! Yes... I am the mother of boys. I like making puking sounds, playing in dirt, wrestling, and hunting bugs. I think snakes are cool and fights between my boys are funny. I make fart jokes and booger jokes. I like to play Army, camping, spies, and cowboys. I guess I'm not destined to have any girls. It's ok! We have a great time.


Beth and Dave said…
Its funny how boys just imagine boy stuff all by themselves. Dave sometimes questions my sanity I'm sure when he sees the things Dylan and I come up with. Sounds like your nesting!
Haley Elizabeth said…
haha your so funny! I think it's great that you play with your boys and do all the "boy" stuff. That shows you that your a great mom.

I can't wait to see a picture of your new camera!
Allie said…
you can kind of see the new camera in the last photo in the mirror... I really need to take more pics with it! it's hard to get used to a new camera, but I love it :)
Michelle said…
Holy mackaroli..that last picture of Tristan in the tub is like a duplicate of YOU at htat same age. Holy cow!
Allie said…
YAY!!! :D Thanks, Michelle!! :D I NEVER hear that the boys look like ME!

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