Christmas Day and Beyond with Grandpa and Grandma B.

We left Leavenworth pretty early Christmas morning and followed Logan out to Gpa and Gma B's place, which was a 3 hour drive. The drive was just fine because everyone had plenty of chill time out of the car the past few days.

The new house is coming along great and we were happy to see Grandpa and Grandma B. again! We had dinner and the guys took Noah out for a spin on the 4-wheeler. He didn't want to stop!

Unfortunately Great Grandpa had just gotten out of the hospital so he and Great Grandma couldn't drive up from Oklahoma City to see us (another 3 hour drive). We decided that since one of the biggest reasons we made the trip was to see them in the first place, we would go down there early the next morning.

That drive was rough. There and back... Tristan did NOT want to be in the car and the screaming grated on both our nerves. Luckily it was short enough of a drive for the screaming to only last maybe 30 minutes both times. We were really happy we made the trip to see Great Grandpa and Great Grandma B. regardless of the kids. We had a great visit, ate some lunch, chit chatted a bit. Grandma B. had picked up her grandsons for the week (who are 5 and 9) and Noah was in Heaven having other boys to play with. It was suddenly warm outside so the boys all went outside to play sword fighting wizards with sticks. Surprisingly they never hit each other, which is why we even allowed them to play with sticks at all. I started feeling sick while we were there so I didn't take too many pictures. I assumed it was my allergies, but I was wrong.

I was getting Josh's cold and it hit me HARD once we were home and the following day. Once we got back we just relaxed and played at our leisure the rest of the time. Thankfully, the cold didn't last too long and I was feeling fine later on that night so Josh and I had a date! We went to Olive Garden and then saw "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith. We both loved the movie.

We packed up and headed back home on the 27th. After all the warm weather and a TON of rain, things started to freeze over and we didn't want to have a dangerous drive back. We made it as far as Paducah, Kentucky where we got another nice hotel room and stretched our legs while we planned our journey home.
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