Day Two, Sunday - Ohio (take 1)

Since we arrived so late to Ohio it was technically Sunday when we settled in and caught up with Mom and Dad.  There was a king size bed waiting for us with fresh sheets, cots for the boys, tasty leftovers in the fridge.  It was nice to be somewhere we could relax.  We didn't stay up too long.  Just enough time to describe our journey up to that point and explain the plan for our trip.  We successfully assuaged the disappointment that we'd only be staying for a couple nights by explaining we'd be back in two weeks.  Tristan and Brennan warmed up to Grandma and Grandpa while they played on the floor with froggy and dragonfly checkers.  Despite our excitement we all went to sleep once it had truly sunk in that we were in Ohio, in my Mom and Dad's living room... all of us.  Finally.

Sunday morning came a lot earlier than we expected considering the tiny amount of sleep the boys got the nights before and the time difference.  Still, they were up bright and early, ready for breakfast.  Bob Evans sausage and waffles, coffee for the grown-ups.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Shortly after breakfast we all went outside and stayed outside... all day.  We discussed politics and plans for the future.  We toured the many wonders of the yard like the soccer ball sized mushrooms hanging out by the side of the house.

20111009 7531

The boys destroyed the basement by dumping every available toy onto the floor.  They also visited the creek to throw rocks and threw piles of leaves into the fountain.  Lots of throwing going on.  We ate some pizza for lunch.  Mom and I went to the grocery store at some point to buy stuff for dinner.  It was a nice day so Dad wanted to grill and we were happy to oblige.  While we were cooking I finally told the rest of the family we were home.  They didn't seem to surprised so I'm pretty sure a little bird spilled the news.  We had a teleconference with Vita and Evie then signed off for dinner.

Everyone arrived right as we were getting dinner onto the table so the boys couldn't possibly eat!  The house was packed... with love hehe.  All the kids were running and screaming in the front yard until the sun set.  The Browns game was on a TV somewhere.  The food eventually got eaten. We did a lot of talking and laughing.  Good good times :)  We made plans for when we'd be back in two weeks.  All departed, we tried to get the kids to eat something (they finally settled on waffles), gave them a nice bath, and they went right to sleep.

One thing I can count on with my family is that someone will be taking pictures other than me, but usually EVERYONE is taking pictures.  So, I don't bother generally.  My Dad took a lot of the boys playing outside and once they're up on flickr I might add them in later.
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