Sunday & Monday Morning - Majekka!!

Sunday morning we were left to our own devices to pack while Gpa and Gma went to church.  This worked out really well since we would have been running all over the place, not visiting anyway.  Once they got back I finally got my picture of them with the boys since they were still looking all snazzy in their church clothes :)  They turned out great!!  This is going to be an 8x10 on my wall, above my couch.

20111016 11793

We left shortly thereafter since we had to run back over to Target and exchange/return a few things.  Jessica wasn't expecting us until 6pm so we had plenty of time to kill.  We killed it at Bob Evans for lunch... again.  What is that the 4th time already?  I can't help it!!!!  I just love love love it!!  Bob Evans and Target are my kryptonite!!  Ahemmm... so, yeah... we grabbed a coffee and hit the road again.  Next stop, Fort Riley!  Jessica called to let us know her plans had fallen through and we were a "go" for early arrival, but by that point we had dawdled so much we were barely going to make it by 5pm... and we didn't.  We made it by 6pm.  Just in time for dinner!

The girls were all standing outside, watching and waiting.  I got bum-rushed with hugs and I could not have been happier to see them all again.  The kids disappeared into the hills and playgrounds of the neighborhood for an hour while we grown-ups caught up.  They all wandered back hungry so we ordered some Chinese food.  Nom nom nom.  Kidlets were bundled up on couches, waiting impatiently for dinner.

20111017 7633

20111017 7628

20111017 7627

While we were waiting for the food to arrive I showed Jess a few tips for her camera, gave her a very quick breakdown of terminology and manual controls.  She absorbed it like a sponge.

20111017 7635

20111017 7637

Eventually the delivery guy made his way over and we fed the starving herd (none of them cleared their plates, except Emily... she always does).  We popped in Nanny McPhee for them and they passed out in various locations in the living room, one-by-one.  We played with our cameras and chatted some more.

20111017 11797

After the movie the kids all went down without a fight.  We stayed up maybe an hour longer, thoroughly getting a kick out of seeing American cable again.  Will and Lillian both woke up and that's the "cue" for bedtime  We were all tired anyway.

The next day we took the kids out to Target (shut up, I know) and let them run amok while Jess and I looked for jeans.  We had planned on taking the kids to a park or something, but the weather stunk.  It was cold and windy and gloomy.  Lunch was at Wendy's and we got tons of looks from other patrons, our group of 8 kids sitting at a table together.  They were well-behaved though, and that's always nice.

20111017 7625

Back home we went over a few more camera tips and let the kids play together outside some more before we got back in the car to head to Dad's.  By some miracle they agreed to pose for a picture together!!!  Oh happy day!!!

20111017 11812

We stepped off the porch, into the car, and headed to Gma and Gpa B's!!  Target arrival time 7pm.

PS - quick description of the title!  Majekka is how Tristan & Brennan say "Miss Jessica", and on a sidenote Brennan was the one who gave baby Will his nickname "Baby Whale" :)
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