Saturday, Day 8 - Picnic

Saturday started slow, as Saturdays should.  We bade farewell to Gpa Mark and he was off to the races, and the rest of us headed out for a family breakfast at the Santa Fe Depot.  We stuffed ourselves with biscuits and gravy and I tried eggs benedict for the first time.  I approve!  We arrived at the LHS Reunion picnic with the kids, still full from our big American breakfast.  We didn't talk to very many people.  A majority of the guests were those popular rich kids who still think they're better than everyone.  La dee freakin' da.  Some people never change.

All the kids who could effectively run were shoveling dirt onto a skateboard ramp and sliding down.  There was a playground, but it was so far from the picnic area that it wasn't an option.  I spent most of my time sitting on a bench watching kidlets slide around in dirt.  It wasn't a complete loss though because Mama Bell was there!!

Mama Bell was in ROTC with Josh in High School and when they saw each other it was huge hugs and ridiculous smiles.  I'd heard so much about her that meeting her in person was just a technicality, we were instant friends and she hugged me just as hard.  Instant love :) She is one of those people who would be welcome in our house, no matter where, no matter when, and we'd do whatever we could if she ever needed our help.  She is amazing and I love her!  The kids love her, she loves them.  I was so thrilled to finally meet her!

We stuck around and chatted until we got hungry again, partook in the free sammiches, and then called it a day.  The boys stayed at home with Grandma while Josh and I ran to get a few things at Target before the big night.  We got back with plenty of time to get ready and we looked positively smashing... but I didn't take a picture.  This is the only one I took... oh and one showing what Brennan was doing at the time (being all mopey with his blankie).

20111015 7622

20111015 11788

We got to the Reunion uber early since Josh is just like that.  I got to talk to Mama Bell again and we made plans for her to come live on my ranch if Josh deploys, or if he doesn't!  People slowly began trickling into the hall and we finally picked a table.  With today's technology you can do a lot of hilarious things.  Everyone who had internet access checked into "the fun table" while we were sitting there.  We were smuggling in beer (how very apropos for a HS reunion).  We joked that this time it was because we had jobs and responsibilities and weren't paying $4 a bottle!  After reminiscing about psycho ex girlfriends and old teachers, and catching up on what everyone had been up to, we turned our attention to the DJ.  His name was DanTastic.  He was awful.  We knew every song, and they were all famous a decade ago, but they were all horrendously slow... like Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy" and Brandy's "Almost Doesn't Count".  Did he want us mellow and depressed?  We don't know.  But, it was fun to roll our eyes and groan.

Finally it was time to eat.  Barbecue!!!  WOOT!  It was pretty good too.  Everyone hung out and drank so things got louder and funnier.  They eventually took a class picture.  I helped move tables so she could get a good shot and was bugging the crap out of her with inane questions.  It was clean up time and... well, I am a mother and I was raised to leave a place better than when you arrived.  So I did.  I cleaned.  Mama Bell had been one of the head organizers and I wanted to help her out too :)  Suddenly all the "fun table" kids were helping.  Guess we're just awesome that way!  Me, Josh, & Mama Bell  stayed until the place got locked up.  Then we stayed even longer, discussing politics and families and futures.  It was GREAT!

Eventually we made our way to the car and I remembered "HEY! I need a new toothbrush!".  We went to Walmart for a toothbrush and came out 1 hour later with about 10 DVD's and bluray's and a toothbrush.  Whoops!!  Most expensive toothbrush EVER!  We have a movie addiction.  What can I say.  It had been awhile.

When we finally made it home we were filled in on all the marvelous antics of the grandniños to include Brennan's repetition of the phrase "gummi worms are my faaavorite".  We updated them on the happenings at the reunion and then all parted ways and turned in for the night.

Tomorrow we're heading to Manhattan, KS to see my Jessica!!

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