Tuesday, Day 4 - Recovery

I don't remember much of Tuesday.  I know there was a lot of sitting on recliners, lying on couches, watching TV... and napping.  Josh was up early to make it to class on time (HA!).  He ended up being there all day, though he thought it would only be a few hours in the morning.  I was annoyed enough with him after last night's "car-fest" since, you know, it was his fault (and I hadn't had my coffee).  We didn't know when he was coming home.  He didn't have a phone.  The hours kept ticking onward.  We didn't want to leave so we held off lunch until like 1 and finally broke down and got a pizza.  He eventually made it home at 3-ish.  He changed and we went right out to do a grocery run and get coffee... oh sweet coffee.

20111012 7535

The grocery store was a shock.  Produce is expensive here!!  I am going to have a ginormous garden (one of these decades).  Everything else was about the same.  Josh and I wanted to cook because we loooove to cook so we planned our dinner menu and headed back with the necessary accoutrement and freshly caffeinated attitudes, complete with smiles.  We handed off some snacks to the kids.  They had a lot of fun with the grapes.  Once I had my caffeine and some fruit I was feeling up to taking pictures.

20111012 7534

20111012 7533

Josh and I went straight to work on dinner: salad, pork chops, asparagus, and rye bread.  I felt great after eating dinner, finally fully recovered after the dreaded driving day from hell.  We made plans for cool stuff on Wednesday, went to bed at a decent hour, and that's all she wrote.
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