Friday, Day 7 - Sorry Guys, We're Taken


Growing up I was a tomboy.  While my Mom may have wanted to take me out on salon days, paint my nails, curl my hair... primp.  I probably would have thrown a fit or purposely sabotaged my beautiful nails with fresh mud or sand or something, maybe even shave my head to get rid of the curls for good.  I refused to wear makeup because I thought it was pathetic and debasing to paint your face for some dumb guy.  I am still one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet.  Mom gave up on trying to make me girly eventually, and helplessly watched as I nurtured my love of all things Lowe's by working on projects with my Dad.  She watched as I joined the Army.  While I am still ridiculously excited when I can do more pull-ups than a man or when I visit hardware stores, I've grown to love my feminine side as well.  Finally... at 30 years old I wear girly clothes, do my makeup, sport my sparkly trinkets, and can walk in heels.  Shout-out to my Mommy - we will have our date soon!  You've been patiently waiting for a loooong time!!

When I first met Sally she made me nervous.  She was reformed and proper, well-educated, extremely knowledgeable, cultured, she was a lady... and I was an Army chick who had nooooo concept of any of that, not yet at least.  Not only that, but I had an aggressive attitude towards all things "girl".  They were below me, why would I know about sewing and baking, and if you do you must be an idiot, how very cliche UGH.  I had nothing but insults when it came to femininity... how weak and pathetic to be a "girl".  It was more of a defense mechanism than anything else.  I didn't know how to be a girl so I made sure everyone thought that was my own choice.  Here I was, this person, already married to Josh, and there was nothing she could do about it!  I was sure I had offended her every time I opened my mouth.  We played a game called "Battle of the Sexes" and I made an absolute fool of myself the entire time, insulting the questions I didn't know and the people who knew the answers.  I found out my husband knew all about ballet and baking, sewing, sports, tools... he knew it all, and so did Sally.  That one stupid simple game.  It made a huge impact on me (10 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday).  Here was Josh, manly and amazing, answering questions about ballet with no shame at all.  Who the hell was I to insult knowledge of any kind?  Slowly but surely Josh helped me reform my ways.  So anyway, that's the backstory leading up to today.  My first impression with Sally was a bad one, I thought, and I wanted to show her I wasn't like that girl anymore.

I had been planning this day before we ever left Spain.  A date with Sally... a girly one.  This would be my very first "salon date" and why not go with one of my favorite people who, as it happens, has only sons.  At first Sally was all "oh I will just go and keep you company" HA!  As aforementioned I am very very stubborn.  We called and made our appointments, she allowed herself to get excited and forget the guilty feeling we girls get when we spend money to take care of ourselves.  Guilt be damned!!  We had plenty of time before our haircuts to go out on a romantic lunch date ;) hahaha.

We picked a new little Italian place called Luigi's and it was DELICIOUS!  It had been a long time since I had classic, real Italian food in the States.  We got a few visitors from surrounding tables since it was lunchtime and we seemed to be at a teacher hot spot.  I didn't mind at all.  We did a little small talk for warm up haha.  I got to show Sally I had learned how to eat with a little dignity lol.

We still had ample time before our appointment so we took to driving around the neighborhood, looking at houses for sale, prospective homes-to-be in the near future for Gma and Gpa N.  And we talked... about everything.  We talked about married life, our dreams for the future, our childhoods, our problems.  It's hard to put into words what this meant for me.  It was an affirmation that I am a respected adult now.  I've changed.  I had a moment of self-realization back when I first met Sally, that I was a tomboy with a bitchy attitude and had a lot of growing up to do.  I had a moment of self-realization with Sally today that I was a grown-up.  I made it.  It was very cool.  I still have changing to do, we all do.  But, that's what makes us adults - knowing we're not perfect, and not judging others for their imperfections.  The woman I once fearfully admired is my close friend, she trusts me and I trust her.  It was an amazing experience, realization, gift, whatever you want to call it.  Our dynamic is one of mutual love and respect, and it's invaluable.  I love my Mother-in-Law and the friendship we share.  Very few people are so lucky!

Eventually it came time to get our hair done and other girly maintenance.  The same guy was cutting us both so we had to take turns.  I went first, LOVE IT!  Sally got brave and went for bangs... BEST DECISION EVER!  When she was done I was so overcome with excitement over the cuteness that I gave her a huge hug and squealed like a girl lol.  We finished up at the salon and didn't want to go home yet so we divulged in one more guilty pleasure: coffee.  I think we made it home at around 4pm, and then realized the house had been locked so Josh and the boys couldn't get inside while we were gone.  They hung out at Target most of the day.  Whoops! hahaha... Josh didn't care at all though.  He was so happy we had our day of bonding.

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Later that night Josh and I went to High Noon Saloon for the high school meet & greet.  We talked to a few people, drank a few beers, and went back home.  It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I was looking forward to Saturday- the actual reunion!!
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