Monday & Tuesday Morning - Grandpa and Grandma B!!!!

We arrived at Grandpa & Grandma B's farm a little after 8pm, not too far off our target time.  They had cooked up a fabulous dinner for us and it was waiting on the table.  It's always amazing to have home-cooked food in my book.  All kinds of goodness.  I believe I thanked Kim at least 4 times :)  We were riding with a huge lightning storm the last hour which made for an interesting drive.  The weather continued to worsen.  It got outrageously windy, bitter cold, and the lightning never seemed to stop.  I tried to get a picture, but I gave up once I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.

After dinner the kids retired to their room to watch "The Cat in the Hat" while we all talked at the table.  None of us stayed up too late.  Poor Kim had to wake up at 4am-ish so she headed to bed a bit earlier than we did, but we weren't too far off.  Josh and I are now convinced we need to buy a memory foam mattress top because that bed was ridiculously comfortable!

The next morning we awoke refreshed and ready for the day.  Surprisingly enough, after the huge storm and chilling temperatures the night before, the sun was out and it was relatively warm (in the sun).  I took the opportunity to get my photo op done before the boys got dirty outside.  Another 8x10 over my couch!!!

20111018 11837

Our first stop was the tire swing.  This is quite possibly my all-time most favorite-ist photo I've ever taken of my kids.  This may end up being one of those huge poster prints someplace in my house.  We let the boys wander around the pond and watch the fishies and frogs jump around.  We also visited the cows, horses & mules.  The wind was still whipping around and we were cold so... perfect time for lunch!

20111018 7647

20111018 7649

20111018 7651

20111018 7654

After lunch Bryant took us on a tour of the town.  First stop MATER!  This is the actual truck on route 66 that was the inspiration for Tow Mater on Disney's "Cars".  Apparently the ladies who own the gas station are going to be featured on the "Cars 2" DVD!  The kids got a big kick out of it.  They also had an old fire engine there that bore a strong resemblance to Red (also from "Cars").

20111018 7644

20111018 7641

20111018 7642

Dad took us on a tour of all the damage left behind by the recent tornado.  It was unbelievable how demolished one building would be, but right across from it was one that was fine.  Craziness.  I didn't realize how bad the tornado was until I saw almost an entire town completely demolished.  A lot of it is still a big mess, but some places are rebuilding.  The kids started getting impatient so Gpa and Gma were nice enough to get them some Sonic slushies and take them to the playground.  I was freezing!  Brennan had fallen asleep in the car so he was a big grouch and wanted to be held the whole time.  Tristan and Noah had a great time though!  We didn't stay too long because the temperature was dropping fast, the wind was picking up even more, and everyone was starting to get hungry again.

20111018 7639

20111018 7638

Kim cooked us an amazing meal again and we settled into the warm house to watch a little boob toob.  The kids disappeared into the "kid room" to watch movies and eventually passed out.  We stayed up late talking at the dining room table again.  It was a wonderful day :)

Tomorrow - A visit from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma B!

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