Thursday, Day 6 - All the Pretty Horses and Jason Statham

We woke up fairly early and got ready for our big day out.  The carousel museum wasn't going to be open until 10 so we had plenty of time to mill around, eat breakfast, and slowly get ready for the day.

20111013 7586

We arrived as the museum was being opened and were treated to a free guided tour, even though we only bought the carousel ride.  Thanks, guys!  The carousel we rode was way faster than any carousel I've ever ridden.  It had a mini drum and cymbal set that acted as the "live band" during our ride.

20111013 7581

The staff is all-volunteer and the museum is run on donations.  They have the oldest functioning carousel in the world.  It was built in 1850 and is still operated by hand crank, as our tour guide Virginia demonstrated.  Fascinating!

20111013 7577

There was a lot to see for the adults, but the kids were antsy and getting hungry for lunch so we didn't stay too remarkably long after the quick tour.

20111013 7570

20111013 7566

Our next stop was Homer's Drive-In, a classic burger joint which happens to be our Joshua's first place of employment.  Other than a few changes in personnel and decorum, he claims it's just the same it's always been.  They make some delicious burgers and fries!!  

20111013 11732

20111013 11739

We took our lunch to the park and ate there so the kids could get some playground time in.  After lunch we had to take Grandpa back home so he could get to work on time.  Our next destination was the Weston Red Barn Farm, where after 2pm you get to pet the animals for free.  Hecks yes.  I tried in vain to get the boys to take a nap first.  Can't fault me for trying!

20111013 7618

20111013 7615

The farm had so many interesting little displays set up and the animals were very friendly.  They had information sheets by all the pens so Noah did a lot of reading that day.  The weather was perfect...  my allergies started killing me towards the end, but I had a great time showing my boys new animals, face-to-face.

20111013 7598

20111013 7602

20111013 7596

20111013 7605

The little pony gave all of us horsey kisses on our palms, which made a funny smacking noise and tickled.  It was hilarious!!

20111013 7589

The goats loved Brennan for some reason.  We never bought any feed so I think they just liked his small stature and "burgery" aroma.

20111013 7612

Grandma snuck into the shop and bought us all presents: fudge for Josh and I (drool), and little animal figures for the boys so they'd remember their time at the farm with Grandma.  

20111013 7597

Once we made it home the boys were happily exhausted and ready for dinner.  Sally nudged us a bit and encouraged a fabulous, simply crazy idea... we, the parents of 3 young boys, should go on a date. What what what?!?!?!  A what?!  OH YEAH!  I forgot about dates!!! hehe.

We threw leftovers into the oven for them, our parental guilt not allowing us to permit their own Grandmother to do it, lingered by the doorway for a bit asking "are you sure?".  Silly question.  Of course as soon as we got into the car we were all smiles and sighs.  I believe the comedy station was turned up very loudly and we laughed our way to Kansas City for a "night out".

Our night out was a quest to provide our American bodies the cravings for which they'd been screaming for two years... the Outback Steakhouse bloomin' onion.  Yes, it may be 2,000 calories with that amazing sauce, but it's sooooooo worth it.  We used to be able to polish off an entire bloom and full dinner, but we couldn't do it!  I take that as a good sign.  The portion sizes were even smaller than I remember.  The waitress looked at me a little crazy when I told her we wouldn't be taking our leftovers.

Next stop was the movies.  Since it's so rare we get a chance to see anything on the big screen we insisted it be something action, something worth seeing all ginormous and loud.  We finally settled on "Killer Elite", which didn't start until 10 and it wasn't even 9 yet.  Yay!  Enough time for coffee.  We walked into this... can't remember the name... let's call it... Not a Starbucks at 8:52 and noticed someone mopping.  Wait, are you about to close?  "yeah but it's fine, we're here for you".  No we can't do that to you, we won't, did you already clean everything?   "we can clean it again".  If they hadn't smiled and insisted so much we would have left, but they were sweethearts.  They were also very confused why people who live in Spain were vacationing in Kansas... "shouldn't it be the other way around?" hahaha.  The coffee was sublime, but I miss the rock-bottom Spanish prices.  We did some people watching outside the theater, flirted, sipped our cuppa javas, and eventually it was time for the show.   

Note to self: popcorn and soda, not worth it!!  Just say no.  The movie was pretty good.  I don't remember much of it so I guess it wasn't that good... typical assassin movie with Jason Statham... he ruthlessly kills everyone everywhere, but is a "nice guy"... you know.  We left happy, but ready for bed.  Thanks again for the date, Sally! :)

Tomorrow:  I get to go on another date... a girl date OH SNAP!
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