Thursday - Hotel

We were back on the road after breakfast Thursday morning.  Our goal was to make it halfway, to Indiana, but then we had a thought... maybe we can make it to Marysville to see my brother Mark and his whole family.  It could happen!

20111020 7669

Driving and driving and driving... 

20111020 7668

We had a good three hours to go until we would arrive at Mark's so we pulled over right outside of Indianapolis.  We'd spent 10 hours in the car at that point.  We were all thrilled at the prospect of getting out of the car for the night.  First hotel - booked solid, second hotel too... called to the final hotel.  No no no, make that Motel.

Apparently there were several conventions going on in Indianapolis so every hotel within a 20 mile radius of the city was completely booked solid, and twice the price.  Hooray! :P  The College Inn in Greencastle, Indiana was like one of those hotels in murder movies.  You know, where the guy's on the run so he stops at a seedy motel to wash all the blood off of himself in the 70's style green bathroom.  That was it, and for the rock-bottom price of $100.  Booooooooooo!!!!!

One bright side was that the Pizza King across the street had amazing pie and wonderful staff working there.  We did get some sleep once the heater started making a difference.  The kids got clean, slept well.  It was good enough for what we needed and much better than the car!  I went to sleep feeling itchy and had nightmares about bedbugs, but I slept haha.

We woke up super early and left for Mark's.
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