Wednesday, Day 5 - Let the Good Times Roll

OK so I think the pictures from yesterday were actually taken on the 12th, but... you know?  I am not going to fix it haha... they at least reflect the mood.  Suffice it to say, I took no pictures on the 11th either. Back to the story...

After one day of grouchy laziness (poor Sally), by Wednesday morning we were feeling much better.  Grandma's bowling league was scheduled to play so we decided to tag along and play our own game off to the side.

First we took the boys to a local park to get some fresh air and exercise.  We saw crawfish, minnows, frogs, toads, Autumn leaves.  The boys threw a lot of rocks and black walnuts into the creek and got a nice hike in.  They also visited the playground.  We left the park and made it back just in time for bowling!

20111012 7550

20111012 7549

20111012 7557

Noah bowled 2 strikes, one with the assistance of the bumpers & the other went straight down the middle.  He has better form than I do.  I am an awful bowler... well, inconsistent.  The boys made Grandma's day by running back and forth to visit her during her league game.  Their utter cuteness was the talk of the town!  We bowled a couple games, got the kids all hopped up on M&M's and gatorade, and then went home for pizza.

20111012 7555

20111012 7552

20111012 7558

20111012 7545

I tried to get the kids to take a nap, and was eventually successful (which would explain the pics I posted for yesterday).  They snoozed for maybe an hour, had a snack, and we started on another delicious family dinner.  After dinner everyone settled in to watch "Apollo 13".  I had never seen it, and after that I still hadn't seen it since I fell asleep somewhere in the middle.  Whoops!

We all got another good night's sleep, excited at the prospect of going to the farm and carousel museum the following day.
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