Sunday - The Lake and Apple Picking

I had mentioned to Mom before we left two weeks ago that I had really missed apple picking since I moved away from home.  Not many states (or countries, for that matter) have apple orchards where locals are free to roam and pick to their heart's content.  Ohio is one of those magical places ;)

Sunday morning we called everyone up and made plans to meet at the lake to get some pictures of the kids and let them play on the playground and then we'd be off for some apple picking.  The sun was in a bad spot so the pictures didn't come out like I'd hoped, but the kids had fun nonetheless.

20111023 7706

We stopped for a quick bite at Wendy's before we headed out to Hartford.  The orchard hit hard times the last few years.  The original owner had passed it down to his son, but his son didn't want to have anything to do with it so the apples got a little disfigured and eaten away by pests.  Thankfully someone came to the rescue and the apples are slowly making a comeback.  It was slim pickin's, but an apple doesn't need to be pretty to taste good in a pie... plus they were very cheap!

20111023 7693

20111023 7702

We searched high and low for good apples, had some fun by the pond, got more pictures of the cousins together (my how they've all grown!), and then headed home.

20111023 7691

20111023 7687

20111023 7686

Mom made a roast beef dinner for everyone and we all hung out a little more before everyone had to head home and get sleep before work/school.

It was a long day, but somehow Josh and I found the energy to go to Target yet again, just to return a few things this time.  We came back and caught up on more TV and watched "The Last of the Mohicans" (which I had never seen... shocking, I know).  Then we headed to bed as well.

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