Wednesday - The Greats! ;)

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We stuck around at home all day Wednesday and I took that opportunity to get all our laundry and packing done.  Great Gpa and Gma B drove (for 4 hours) all the way up to see us.  We were planning on detouring to go see them, but their trip saved us 8hrs of drive time.  Thanks so much again for making that drive, Audrey!!!  We had lunch and dinner (Kim's homemade lasagna ::drooool::) together, just visiting and enjoying each others' company all day.  It was fabulous! :)

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Kim and I took the kids outside a few times, but it was still really cold and windy so we had to tough it out in small chunks of time.  Of course the boys didn't care at all.  It surely helped that Grandpa ran out and bought them all fleece-lined hoodies.

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Bryant and Josh escorted GGpa and GGma to their hotel while Kim and I got the boys turned in with "Yogi Bear" in their room.  We warmed up the DVD player for ourselves to watch "Bridesmaids".  The TV was being all weird and we missed some of the action, but I thought it was hilarious all the same.  Raunchy at times, but hilarious.  Bryant and Josh talked in the kitchen while we ladies watched our movie.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day and we were so glad we got to visit with Audrey and RB.  

We decided it was better for us to go ahead and leave the following day to try and make it back to Spain (and still get all our other visits in) before Josh's leave was up.  It was actually Bryant and Kim's idea, and they were so kind to emphasize that they felt they had plenty of time with us and wouldn't feel shorted if we left a day early.  This was great to hear and eased our stress immensely.  It's so hard to visit everyone and give them all equal time, so when someone understands that... it's a big... relief :)  Thankfully, everyone we visited was very understanding on that issue, which helped make our trip all the more pleasurable.

Tomorrow - Back to the east coast!
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