It's a Beary Puppet Show

Tristan got new winter clothes and he looks super super cute. I just wanted to cuddle him all day in his little khakis with his fluffy sweatshirt. He was KILLIN' me with cuteness!! They were chasing each other down the hallway earlier when I snapped the pics. I want a nice camera so bad. This picture would have been so much better if it were in focus! I love my Kodak, but I want mooooooore. Anyway... Noah dug his black bear puppet from Gma N. out of the toy box today and was SO excited about putting on a show for Tristan. So, I went to work building him the same puppet show theater we used to construct when I was a kid out of the big waffle blocks. We even wrote the title of our show on the dry erase board (for which Noah is also responsible). Noah has quite a few puppets now, but it will never be enough in my opinion. I recall all the puppet shows and plays from my childhood days quite fondly. I'll never think we have enough costumes, props, or puppets.

Noah was the producer and he came up with most of the storyline. I gave the aliens names and contributed every once in awhile to keep the story going. Tristan was watching most of the time and laughing his butt off. If I hadn't been having so much fun playing I may have taken more pictures. I was just too busy :) Everything Beary and Grumbles say and do is all Noah. Here's how the show went:

ACT I: Beary and his friends Grumbles and Alouishus (Al) were bored so they decided to go to the park. When they arrived Beary discovered the park was closed!! Apparently there was a vicious mountain lion on the loose!! So the kids thought up a plan to get rid of the mountain lion. Al was the bait and Beary, since he was so big and strong, would defeat the mountain lion. Everything went according to plan and the mountain lion was defeated! They happily entered the park, but Beary sadly declared "OH NO the park is BROKEN! We need to fix it and get new stuff! All our stuff is GONE!".
ACT II: They found the perfect slide at the store, but it was very expensive. "How can we raise the money?" asked Al. "I know! We'll make cookies and lemonade!" said Beary. The kids all decided who did what and they were off to raise money. Grumbles made chocolate cookies and Al made chocolate chip cookies to sell, Beary mowed lawns and made fresh lemonade. They raised the money and got their slide. YAY!! Then Noah said "I quit this puppet show. I'm tired" and that was that haha. I think his arms hurt. I know mine did! Puppeteering is hard work.

We did a really fun project yesterday too! Noah's been obsessed with money since he found one of my old wallets that I gave to him. So I printed out some ridiculously real looking money, laminated it, and stuck it in his wallet for him. Then I thought while we're at it I should make some credit cards and a driver's license. Noah hasn't put his wallet down yet (including trips to the store) and we have to play store every day. He even showed his new money to a little boy at the grocery store today. The poor kid was quite jealous. This was a really fun project for me :) If anyone else wants to make their own money or cards, let me know. It took me a few tries before I got the right dimensions printed for the cards (350 x 220 pixels, it tells you the dimensions on google images). The money is bigger than real money, but not by much. I didn't want it to look "felony real" haha.


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