Pregnancy Nightmares!

Both previous pregnancies I had some pretty interesting, mostly comical dreams. This time around I have been having some pretty vivid nightmares. Last night was awful. First I fell asleep at 8, woke up at 10 for the beginning of Top Chef NY... I am not an early sleeper so this is bizarre for me. Then I read for a little bit and tried to go back to sleep at midnight, but Noah woke up because HE had a nightmare. He was hiding under a table from a giant robot monster, poor kid. He knew it was a dream and didn't have any trouble falling back asleep. I tossed and turned for awhile, watched a few mildly entertaining sitcoms, and finally felt like I could fall asleep. Then the neighbors decided to train their 2yr old to go to sleep in her own crib at 1:30am. She was screaming off and on until 2:15 or so. She finally gave in and I think it was good they are trying to get her to sleep in her own bed, but at 2am?! Come on people :/

So sleep finally came, but it was not refreshing at all. I had a dream that someone kidnapped Tristan. I looked all over this house, including under this creepy guy's desk who collected dolls and doll parts for some reason. Every niche and nook I was expecting to find Tristan either dead or dying, but I was hoping for asleep. I must say it was worse when I couldn't find him at all. I couldn't get Noah to understand the severity of the situation. He was too interested in playing with all the other kids around so he couldn't recall any valuable information about the last time he saw Tristan. I had just realized we would have to start looking outside the house and that if I did get my baby back, he would have been abused and would not be the same. I was so thankful to wake up at 4am, less than 2 hours after I fell asleep. I had to check on both the boys to make sure they were still in their beds. That made me feel better, but what I really wanted was to take Tristan out of bed and hold him the rest of the night.

I had some similar bad dreams yesterday and I am almost to the point where I'm afraid to fall asleep. They are SO VIVID! Ugh... I am tired. Maybe later today I will post something happier with pretty pictures. I haven't been taking pictures very often lately. No reason, really.

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