Before I Forget

I try to catalog the books I really enjoy so that I can go back through the blog and pick out certain authors to try again for our next trip to the library. Thus far Noah's been picking out all of his books and we're quite impressed with his taste ;) Tristan has been getting baby einstein videos to watch in the van. I love not having to buy them! We went to the library again today, picked out 3 more books and returned the other 3 we had gotten last Monday. Two of the last ones were too long for Noah, but one of them was SO cute I think I might buy it. It was just a really clever rhyming book about a family's search for the source of a HUGE snore. It was cute :) I am a sucker for goofy names and creative language, especially when it rhymes.

One of the ones we got today is worth mentioning as well. More great language and rhyming, a lot of fun onomatopoeia (blurp, splish, slorp kind of stuff). The illustrations are really big and bold in this one, like you'd expect a dinosaur to be. It chronicles the life of tadpole Rex, a little polliwog who hatched in the footprint of a dinosaur, survived, and then went on to be a very brazen little frog. He didn't care that he was small because he had tyrannosaur blood in him... and he outlasts the dinosaurs! What's cool is at the end there are a few scientific facts about what the dinosaurs and frogs had in common.

Also of note I have been trying to finish Tristan's scrapbook. I like to do a really detailed scrapbook of their first year. Noah's is so huge it almost won't close, and it looks like Tristan's will be also. I can't help it! There are so many memories and cute pictures I just have to put them all in... and now I have blog entries to add too. I have only gotten to Tristan's actual birth so I have a ways to go. I started with us in Germany (that's where he was made, after all) and put some pregnancy photos of me in there, sonogram pictures, us working on the house in Texas. I think it's cool to see what was going on while he was still "baking". Good news is that I have it all sorted out, stickers and all so it won't take much longer from here. I need a LOT more pages, though. It's totally worth the effort to give my boys such a cool gift. Although I bet their wives will enjoy it more than they will haha :)
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