With Josh gone I've been browsing through blogs and I keep finding cool people I don't know that live nowhere near me. So here's the question... how do you make friends if you don't have a job and you move a lot? It took me a few years to finally make friends in San Antonio and then we moved. I suppose it's only bothering me because I'm lonely right now and annoyed with being cooped up at home. Even when I have time, what is there to do? I am not huge on hanging out by myself. Mommy groups have this bad habit of being totally one-sided. All you talk about is babies or laundry detergent, cleaning, husbands. It's never about YOU, books you've read, your hobbies, your own life and beliefs. They keep it very superficial. I hate superficial... maybe that's why I find it so hard to make friends hahaha. I did meet Karrie through a Mommy group, and she was a very rare find indeed. I'll be fine once I get another heaping dose of family time for Thanksgiving. I miss my siblings. I never needed friends because I had them. We always have a great time.

Know what? I am going to finish Tristan's scrapbook this week while Josh is gone. That will make me feel better :)

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