Our Day Today

We started our morning with Josh's graduation from BNCOC at 10am. The boys were pretty well-behaved. I brought crackers to try and keep Tristan quiet and it mostly worked. The ceremony only lasted 30 minutes. Go Army!

We came home just in time for lunch and nap time. While I was getting the food ready Tristan made his way upstairs alone. I followed about 2 minutes later and I discovered he learned a new skill today! Tristan can now pull the caps off of markers... JOY! He had only bitten the tip off of one marker thankfully. He was covered in green drool and bursting with pride. I grab him up since he's obviously starving ;) I get downstairs and I discover Noah has somehow managed to explode an igloo ice pack. I had this ice pack stored in a cupboard, in a bag, in another bag... which is much too enticing for little hands, I guess. I don't know if he jumped on it or what, but it was EV-E-RY-WHERE!!! The innards are the consistency of wall paper paste and they had splattered over practically every surface in the living room. The coffee tables, pillows, blankets, the couch, the recliner, magazines. I said NOAH!! Noah where are you?! He was hiding under the coffee table... or maybe he was just laying there because he didn't seem afraid. I asked him what happened and he said "the thing ripped". I asked how it ripped, he said "coz it ripped open". This continued a few more times and I gave up. I decided I would rather eat than clean so we ate. The goo can wait. Noah didn't get in trouble for this because it obviously was not intentional.

Tristan was already tired, but ate a little lunch. Then he did his favorite toddler trick and stood up in the high chair to illustrate his done-ness. He stands up and then yells because he is used to hearing us immediately yell "SIT DOWN" when he does it. We've tried a new method, we take his bowl away until he sits. It has worked so far. There wasn't anything to take today. Up to bed he went and I finally had to deal with the igloo slime. It was actually really easy to clean up (thank God). All I did was fill the rug shampooer with hot hot water and it came right up. It was kind of clumpy so it wanted to stick together. It wiped off of all the other surfaces relatively easy as well. It washed out of the pillows and blankets. It wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Noah and I watched WALL-E again (I played on the computer or was passed out on the chair most of the time). Then we went upstairs for music and fun time, no TV allowed! We do this every day. Today we played a little pictionary and then once Tris woke up we built a train. We even made train tickets and a schedule on the dry erase board. It was all Noah's idea. He even wore his conductor outfit. I think it was because at the Honda dealership yesterday we saw a toy train and then when we left we saw a real train... what are the odds. I took a few videos of the boys playing and fighting. I'll post some tonight.

Josh got home. I cooked dinner. We ate. We walked. We bathed. I blogged. I am kind of annoyed today. I think I just had too much to do where I had to remain calm and deal with kids. The graduation, the igloo goo incident, playtime... I am just not in the mood to play anymore today. I think it's time for a hot bath.

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