Finally Downloaded Pictures!

Here are the Halloween pictures. Yoda is our neighbor Caleb. Isn't he SO CUTE?! :D Noah is the skeleton, of course. I tried to get a better shot of Tristan as superman, but he wasn't cooperating... and then when he was I was too wrapped up in the moment to get my camera out :) He walked up to the houses with a huge smile and ran all over peoples' porches. Noah said trick or treat and threw his arms out every time and remembered to say thank you. We had a fun time! It was great having Josh there with us for yet another holiday he'd never been able to attend.

I also had these pictures of a park we went to back on the 20th. It's called Magnolia Springs and it's really nice. We think it'd be a great place to go camping. The only downside is that it's a 45 minute drive :/ There is a natural spring there that you can see bubbling up from the bottom of the lake. The water is beyond crystal clear so you can see every tiny critter and plant hanging out in the water. The first time we went we saw a little gator. This time we saw a lot of fish and turtles, but no sign of the gator. There's also a free aquarium and a huge playground. I let Tristan and Noah play for awhile. Tristan was so excited to be able to climb through the tunnels and go down the slides. I think slides are his favorite :) He was cracking up the entire time. I didn't get any pictures of him playing because I was too busy making sure he didn't fall! He's getting better, but he still is very wobbly. Since then he's already gotten a lot steadier and has been trying out his running legs. I need to get another video of his walking/running skills.


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