duh Army

Josh was supposed to leave for a field training exercise tomorrow morning, but they decided he had to leave NOW! When I say NOW I literally mean it. He had to fight with them to get 45 minutes to finish packing, grab some snacks, say bye to us, and actually eat something. What kind of morons can't plan far enough in advance to give people more than 5 minutes notice before they leave for a week. They do these FTX's allllllll the time!! You think by now they'd have some sort of system worked out. I can't wait until Josh gets out of the Army. Seriously... it's going to be so nice to not have to watch him be abused by idiots all the time. AND we'll actually make enough money to live, instead of simply survive. I am proud of his service (and mine). I just cannot stand being "defenders of freedom" who have none of their own. It's been long enough and we're ready to go back to the real world and enjoy those freedoms again. How nice it will be to drive where we want without asking permission from 5 people, only to have that permission revoked. How nice it will be to get paid overtime when he works more than 8 hours. How nice it will be to not have to fear Josh getting sent to war and not coming home to us the same... or even at all. How nice to not have to move every 2-4 years!! I'll miss some things, but mostly I will be glad he's out... I miss aspects of being in sometimes, bu I would never reenlist. The economy is bad right now, but we'll take our chances. Thanks for all you've done, Army. Bu-bye!!

He doesn't actually get out until 2011, but we are already excitedly planning for it!!

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