I get more excited about the release of kids movies than the kids do. I have a good reason... it's a different movie to get sick of!! Today WALL-E came out on DVD and we went right out to get it, budget be damned! Yesterday the boys were playing with the WALL-E robot that grandpa B. got Noah for his birthday. It sounds exactly like him, very cool. That's 2 great movie releases this month, including Kung Fu Panda. I love little kid movies. They are just pure and silly with cute little lessons and funny characters. The best part is watching the kids watch the movie, though. The digital short on WALL-E called Presto was cracking me up!! Kevin, you'd be giggling like a little girl for hours I swear... or maybe your head would a-splode ;) hehe I am pretty sure WALL-E played 3 times today.

So anyway... I took a few photos yesterday, trying to get back into snapping. It's definitely fun to do, but I wish we had a yard here so I could have more outside shots. I could take them to a park I guess. I probably should before it gets even colder. We're hitting highs in the 50's during the day here and it's only going to get chillier! It's nice to be in a state where the weather actually changes again. No offense, Texans. Of course this also means I am running out of warm clothes for Tristan to wear. We didn't have much for Noah at this age because it just wasn't cold in San Antonio. I might have to go on a little shopping spree for more winter clothes. He should be able to have a few outfits that aren't hand me downs after all :) Most of the winter clothes we have are from Aunt Michelle and Aunt Janine, everything their boys grew out of in the days of yore.

Noah is very much into dressing up lately. He will wear his costumes daily, sometimes combining two or 3 together. He dresses up like a carpenter, a skeleton, a lion, a pilot, or a doctor. Yesterday he said he was a Tool Bench Doctor. He had his tool belt on, and was carrying around his doctor bag. He spins in circles and then stops and tells me who he has just transformed into... and it's usually someone "super" or some kind of boy, sometimes both... like Super Doctor Boy!!! He has also been trying to prepare Tristan for his upcoming big brotherhood. I don't think Tristan gets it, but Noah tells him all the time that he's going to be a big brother too, just like me!! just like Noah!


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