Boy or Girl?!?!?!

We don't know. Unfortunately, the sonogram machines in the rooms are not as big and sophisticated as the ones down in radiology so we have to wait until January to find out. I did get to see the baby's heartbeat and her little fist was up in the air, she was twitching a lot. She's so much bigger than she was a month ago. Her chest has widened out and she has distinguishable elbows and finger joints now. Her head is bigger, and you can really see where her eyes and nose are. She was laying on her head and looked quite cozy in there. Her heart rate was 156 today. It was nice to see the baby because I STILL don't feel pregnant sometimes. I'm 4 months along already!!! On my way to the doctors today and all day yesterday I was imagining them telling me there wasn't a heartbeat anymore... not fun. I just haven't gained any weight, I'm still in my normal clothes. This pregnancy is nothing like my last 2. I was starving ALL THE TIME with Tristan and had to wear maternity clothes about now. With Noah I didn't pop out until 5 months, but that's because he was the first baby and he was tiny, only 6lbs 14ozs when he came out. Apparently they get bigger and bigger the more you have haha.

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