To the Library Again

Noah got more new books today. He wasn't nearly as excited this time, but he is happy to have some new reading material for bedtime and during Tristan's naps. Here's this weeks reading list (can you pick out the theme? haha)

This one is about a troop of mice that put on a reenactment of the Thanksgiving story for their animal friends. It rhymes and almost seems to sing. It's a fun read.

This is the story of a school fieldtrip to the turkey farm. The kids fall in love with their new turkey friends and can't bear the thought of them being dinner so they smuggle them out. It's all told the same rhythm as "Twas the Night Before Christmas". It's cute!!!

This one is much longer and a little older so I wouldn't recommend it for the itty bitty's. Mrs. Moose tells her beloved husband she wants a real turkey this Thanksgiving. He goes to find one and runs into all his woodland friends on the way there. Poor turkey is captured and lead back home, thinking he's about to be cooked. Then to turkey's surprise, they pull up a chair and serve him a plate of the feast, all celebrating together :) What I love most about it is the language. There are more complicated words and a lot of descriptives to help Noah with reading and writing. Eve Bunting describes the feel of the moss on the floor of the woods, the decorations on Mrs. Moose's table, how they could see their breath in the cold... it's a great starter book for the older preschoolers out there or even kindergarteners.

If you didn't know me better you'd think I was trying to promote a vegetarian tofurkey. HECK NO! I looooove turkey. I also love animals, but I gotta eat.

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