5 Months Old!

Brennan turned 5 months old today. My how time flies. I feel like this last month went by in a blink, but I also feel I was able to enjoy it! Brennan is one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet. I know I just said that, but it's oh so true. He brings us so much joy. When I think back to finding out I was pregnant... again... so soon after Tristan, and I remember how frustrated I was, I feel like a total idiot. Now I just feel blessed :) Here's my chunky monkey in his 6mos clothes today! He is getting so good with his hands, but still is not interested in cereal. He holds it in his mouth until it turns into more drool and then just smiles until it all oozes out onto his bib. Either that or he accidentally swallows some and it makes him gag while he's smiling hahaha. He's so crazy! I am not worried about it. He doesn't like the texture and I don't blame him. I am going to keep trying every day though because he never gets angry and it's going better than it used to so he must be adapting. In time in time... one thing I finally learned is that you don't have to rush kids into achieving milestones. They'll get there when they get there.

I can't believe how much hair he's lost! It's already starting to grow back... and a bit lighter than before. I don't think he'll be another blond like Tristan though. Look at how much hair he used to have!

Brennan loves tummy time and can pull himself up to sitting from reclined in most of his baby apparatus (the swing, the bouncy seat, the boppy). No more unattended bed-laying for Bren! Any day now he's going to figure out how to flip from back to front. He wakes himself up at night sometimes when he flips from front to back. It's only a matter of time. We have strong baby boys :)

OK and now for the comparison pictures ;) I just gotta!


Tristan LOL! he was such a fat baby!!! :D
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