Guess Who's Home!!

Bosley is here!!! :D :D :D :D I'm so glad to finally have our last family member join us out here in Spain. Whe he first saw us he didn't even move... he was all quiet in his cage. Then once we got down and looked in his eyes he started crying and whining and licking our hands (until we released him). He missed us and we sure missed him. He was content on the drive home, sitting in between Josh and I then trekking back to Noah every once in awhile. We let him run in the yard when we got home and then all took him on a long walk (like Cesar Milan says). Now he's enjoying his free reign of a big yard and a big house. He mostly is just following Noah and Tristan around (and me... he's my dog). I'm so glad he's happy! I uploaded a couple videos. I didn't get one at the airport because it was a lot more running around than I thought it would be. It took us nearly 2 hours to finally get him. But, he's here!! I know he'll love Spain and I have picked out a daily walking route for me & the kids. The shoulder is wide enough for all of us to fit and there's some great hills to assist me in toning my post-baby body. Josh is leaving tomorrow and having Bos here is going to make me feel much safer. He might not be a guard dog, but he's a sure-fire alarm dog haha. Thank you again Heather, Jeff & Sheena.

he looks like he's thanking God ;)

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