Sunday with my Boys

This was a pretty good weekend. Despite my frustration with being alone with all these living things to take care of, we have our joyful moments more often than angry ones. I got to take a couple cute pictures of my babies all together and they almost all cooperated at the same time. Believe it or not it was Bosley who was giving me the most grief! He kept walking into my shots!! He's in the background of nearly every single one. I tried to make him come sit by me, but he just has to be by his boys! They are still cute pictures :)

Brennan is almost sitting up all on his own now. He is still a bit wobbly and doesn't quite sit "up" yet. He mostly folds in half and happens to not roll over haha. Tristan is suddenly very interested in talking and actually has a vocabulary now! :O Today's new words were "bean" and "thank you" and "Bosley". He sounds so cute! I need to get another video.

Ever since Noah started school he's bored with us at home. Can't say I blame him since we don't do gym, art, Spanish class, math, reading, go to the library. All we do is one chore after another around here. So, while Tristan and Brennan were asleep I thought it would be a good idea for Noah and I to get some quality time together. It's been awhile! We started a batch of blueberry muffins and a pot of hot water. Then I taught him how to play Mancala while we sipped on hot chocolate and waited for the muffins to finish. He did so well! We played 4 rounds and he actually beat me twice. I helped him a little bit, but he's definitely got the counting thing under wraps. He was so excited and felt like such a big boy :) We even had time for a round of chutes and ladders, which he also won. It was a good date with my Noah.

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