Here's my to-do list while Josh is away. I am not bothering to include all the other obvious daily hassles I have to do because I don't need a list or motivation to get them done. This is just extra stuff I hope to accomplish with my alone time. Having goals helps make the time pass faster.

1. Finish Tristan's Scrapbook
2. Start Brennan's Scrapbook
3. Replace old prints in frames
4. Do my 5 other photo projects
5. Get things to or from storage for winter
6. Work on the blogger scrapbooks

Also we will be enjoying all the foods Josh doesn't like. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, cheese, eggs, tomatoes... you name it! This will be easy... just like all the other times. Miss you already, babe. The bed was cold this morning after you left. Hope you had a great flight. Hopefully this TDY is fun for you and doesn't feel like a big waste of time. I love you!
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