Still Happy!! HOORAY!!

We're still going strong with our happiness levels out here. Yesterday was a little bit rough because Tristan was especially whiney, but today was amazing :) We got our grocery shopping done and even managed to have fun doing that! Noah and I were singing Christmas songs already while Tris and Bren laughed at us. Tristan sometimes piped in with a "all the way" when we were singing Jingle Bells. Noah was cracking up when I sang him the Batman version :D

After all that excitement the 2 wee ones went down for their naps and Noah and I gave Bosley a bath with his new tea extract shampoo. He looks and smells so wonderful now :) He was in such a good mood after that too! Noah made a concoction of plum leaves, olives, dirt, and paper which he called "olive a cado". While he was doing his own grocery shopping I was taking some macro shots with my new focus point knowledge. I'm very happy. I thought I loved my camera before!

Anyway... We also built a little grill and cooking spit in their clubhouse. The clubhouse is just a little corner of the yard that was fenced off with vines growing all over it. Noah calls it the Secret Garden. We ransacked the catalpa tree for "bananas" and huge dinner plates (aka leaves). The leaves were as big as Noah's entire torso!

We spent the rest of the day outside. All... day... long... until it got too dark to play. I fixed Noah's bike so he could ride again, and he most certainly did. He rode around the house and all through the yard. Tristan followed him on his giraffe. Everyone played really nicely today. No one got hurt. We all enjoyed each others company. Everyone was mellow, even Bosley. Tristan and Brennan took turns poking and pulling on him and he just let them. He didn't whine or flinch or growl. He even rolled over haha. He's such a great family dog. It's nice to have him home :) The boys quietly watched "Chicken Little" in the living room while I made dinner and then ate all their food, took their baths, and went right to sleep. I took a few videos. I will probably upload at least one.

Today was a great day. All that was missing was Josh! Soon enough. Oh... Happy Halloween, everyone!

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