Before the Warmth Subsides

We had a few really warm days this week and I noticed the weather report seemed to indicate they would be our last. So... out comes the water buckets! Yeah sure we have a pool, but nothing beats the simple pleasures of containers full of water outside on the patio. Plus the pool is drained and green. We started off with the idea to make some stinky stew out of buckeyes, almonds, madroƱos, olives, and whatever else we could find... but once the boys saw water they wanted to get their hands wet :)

I'm doing better. Not as stressed. I'm getting things done. I live my day to day. Sometimes I go out. Most of the time I don't. Brennan is slowly cutting out his numerous naps so I expect a change in the following months. He's also eating cereal twice a day... a LOT of it. I tried to buy some baby food veggies, but forgot... then I tried again and was out of luck because there were none to be found at that grocery store. Sigh. Oh well. There's always tomorrow and I need to go out and get my mail anyway so might as well try the store... again. Wish me luck! :P

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