October Photo Shoot

I finally got around to getting our Halloween Photo Shoot done... though I guess it's more like just a Fall shoot since they're not wearing costumes. But, they all have on their orange shirts and corduroy pants! Hey Michelle, it fits!!! There were many many cute shots, but not of all of them at the same time haha. Bosley just had to get in there and give everyone kisses at least once, but for the most part he stuck with me out of the way. Here are the ones that made the cut. Consequentially, I just figured out how to move the focus point and change the focus area on my camera (after the shoot, as luck would have it) so expect the pictures to get even better... cuz it's fast and easy and amazing. I can't believe it took me this long to think about it :P Oh well, learn something new every day! I have no formal training so I will give myself a break ;)

We harvested most of the almonds from our tree this weekend and got to work shelling them. Tristan was a better helper than Noah as far as consistency goes, but I think he was just in it for the snacks. He would put one in the bowl then take one for himself. Just so you all know toddlers can't digest almonds... yes, I had lots of fun all day today finding that one out. He tipped me, though! I found 5 eurocent in his diaper this evening. Let's hope he didn't eat any more change! He's lucky he was able to pass it. Noah thought it was hilarious. Tristan tried out some more new words today: shoe, food, eat, done, out, buckeye, pinecone, apple, baby, and more. There are probably more than that, but those are just ones from today! He's up to 2 syllables now!! :O woooooooooow. He's so proud of himself and we're proud of him too :) His black eye still looks pretty bad, maybe even worse now that it's really "settled in". It's starting to change yellow and green, which means it's healing.

I let Noah stay awake late on Saturday and he ended up falling asleep in the playroom at around 10... he made it pretty far considering he was up at 7! We had another date today during nap time. We sat outside drinking our cocoa and played a game of "sight word bingo" that I made last night. Then I had him go through all 30 words again before we could play Mancala. I had to kind of lecture him a good 500 times about paying attention and thinking about the word instead of just guessing. He has a real problem with listening. Tonight I thought it would be a good idea to read him his book without letting him look at the pictures so he would be forced to listen. It worked out pretty good, actually. I kept stopping and asking questions too... he'll learn eventually (I hope). We're also reading "Hop on Pop" together a couple times a week. It's a great book for beginning readers! He's doing pretty well, but he looks at words like pictures, and if there are pictures on the page he won't even look at the words. He'll say "on" is "under" because of the picture, not even bothering to try and read the actual words. Slowly but surely we're going to break these bad habits. Noah has so many wonderful attributes though. He's a very patient and loving big brother. I think he's more patient with Tristan than I am sometimes. Tristan will fall and I'll say "get up you're fine" but big brother Noah will run to him and exclaim "oh no! poor Tristan, are you ok?" and give him a hug. Noah will not walk through a room where Brennan is without stopping to coo and giggle with him. Brennan ADORES him for this! His little face lights up when he hears Noah coming.

I had fun with them this weekend, but I am also very impatient with them lately. I can't believe Josh doesn't get home for another 12 days. I need to figure out a way to de-stress before I become "mean Mommy", which kind of already happened today. If I would just call the few people I know and hang out with an adult for a while I'd be fine. Tomorrow I have plenty of errands to run so that will help. Starting next Thursday I'll be taking the boys to a "Music & Movement" class they're offering for free on base for infants and toddlers. I hope people show up! I found my journals and poetry books from years ago and I am thinking of writing again. Yes, with an actual pen and paper :O haha. I miss writing. It made me feel smart.
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