Changing My Outlook

Last weekend was hard on me, despite the photographic cuteness... really taking pictures is sometimes my escape. Usually it's therapeutic for me because I get to do my own thing, but I am still there for them when they need me. Well it didn't really work. I tried going on a drive and listening to my music and that didn't work either. I was still on edge and frustrated, very sick of certain things Tristan would do or Noah would say. Then I had a sudden change of heart. I don't know really what triggered it... maybe it was all the exercise I've been getting. Maybe it's Josh being on a new shift. Maybe it was staying off the computer from 10am-8pm (unless they're asleep). Maybe it was writing in my journal again. Whatever it was we've had a great week. I've actually been having fun with them and I am a patient and loving Mommy again.

Today we had an early dinner and then went back outside to play hide-and-go-seek in the dark with our flashlights. FUN FUN FUN!!! It was Tristan and I vs Noah and Bosley. I rolled Brennan around with us in the stroller the first few times, but he watched a couple times when we hid in some smaller places. He was perfectly content, as always. Bosley was such a jerk!!! He would follow us and then sit there until he heard Noah and he'd start barking to tell him where we were. I kid you not. He also played fetch today! Bosley had never played fetch with us before, but he's like a puppy here :) Yay yard!!

Yesterday we didn't do anything extra special because Noah was being bratty and Tristan was being whiney. We did watch a movie together and had a few tickle fights. Sometimes you have to tickle the bad moods out of little boys ;)

Tuesday we played castle. We developed our brilliant plan to rescue Princess Fiona at our hideout (the greenhouse). Then we stormed the palace gates on our noble steeds (scooters)... but quietly so as not to alert the massive guards in the tower. We discovered the castle was completely surrounded by a croc-infested moat... back to the hideout. ONWARD we go again!!! Armed with sticks we built a bridge over the moat. We fought the guards off one-by-one until we saved the dear Princess Fiona. Noah put her on a plane back to her village so she could become the Queen, he told me.

Monday was baseball day. I pitched to Noah and he hit almost every pitch! He hooked one into the hedge and when I went to shake it out I discovered where all the buckeyes had disappeared. Apparently Tristan was fascinated by the way the hedge swallows objects thrown into it so he had thrown them all in there. I shook about 20 out of that bush. Tristan squealed with joy when he saw them on the ground... and then they all went right back into the hedge :) Tris played a little baseball too. He likes to throw me the ball and then yell and run away, laughing his little butt off at nothing hahaha. Fun times!

Tomorrow is Friday. Who knows what we'll do. There's a Halloween party on base, but I don't know if we're going to attend. I'll see how tomorrow goes. Noah mentioned camping today and I thought a little camp-out in the backyard would be really fun. Maybe maybe... and maybe I'll take pictures this time. I hope I can keep up my positive attitude and patience through the weekend. Then I only have to make it until next Friday. Josh will be back and it won't be nearly as difficult to maintain a positive outlook. I'm getting so much accomplished so that helps. I'm already getting my Christmas shopping done! I'm carrying on with Tristan's scrapbook even though I am out of the clear protective sheets (they'll arrive in the mail eventually). I've got the order ready to go for Brennan's scrapbook. Things are going well.

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