Suburban Bullfighting

Las Lomas is a suburban, rich, well-manicured area. That's why I was shocked to find an old run-down bullfighting arena out there... right behind the private sports complex, after the huge fountain. It was so out of place. I couldn't get very close. It was all fenced off and I had the boys and Bosley with me so I wasn't in any position to hop fences or any other illegal nonsense. It was interesting enough just to see it from the outside. There was a dirt road behind it that took us through the woods for a bit and then dumped us right back onto the street.

The huge stadium seating was still there, but obviously in poor condition. All the random buildings were all standing. Concessions, barns, holding areas and whatnot.

The stained glass on both sides of the ticketing area was really pretty.

The mural at the front entrance was also still pretty amazing, despite its obvious overexposure to the elements. There was a lot of emphasis on horses so maybe it was more like a racetrack or something to that effect. Whatever it was, it's not anymore. It was a cool little outing and we got our exercise.

After that we came home and played outside for a bit. Brennan has officially outgrown the bouncy seat. He lifts himself up and folds in half just to grab things off of the ground. It's kinda scary. I let him play with grass for awhile and he was quite happy. His hair is really starting to lighten up! Bosley had fun too ;)

Now I am sitting here, wondering why I'm not hungry for dinner. I don't feel like cooking and it's already 7:15. Sounds like a cereal for dinner kind of day ;) haha Besides... Brennan is up from his last little snooze of the day and the boys are already tired. Mommy needs a break today.
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