Handsome Wee Lads

Tristan officially entered into the ranks of the two year old boy by running face first into the corner of our lovely brick stairs. No one was chasing him, he was not chasing anyone else... he just wasn't paying attention. I didn't actually see it happen, but I am pretty sure that's what happened since he was sprawled out on his back right behind it and there was a square-shaped bruise already beginning to form. Maybe he's had a growth spurt recently or something and his body is bigger. Too bad babies don't have whiskers! He's slowly getting out of the whining stage, which is great because it's driving me crazy. I've been encouraging him to use words and that seems to make him much happier. They just can't stand not being able to communicate. Plus he's probably bored because his brain is like a sponge right now and we don't do enough around here to keep it exciting.

Brennan is bulking up to enormous proportions. He's a solid blob of smiley rolls which make bathtime a little challenging. He's sitting upright in the bath seat extremely well now. He's not quite mastered the art of sitting, but he's no longer a novice... he can stay up for a good 5 minutes or more. He's not trying to get up and rock on his knees at all yet, but he does do a lot of break-dance moves to reach his toys at tummy time. He's the cutest, happiest little guy. He makes me happy... when Tristan won't stop whining, Brennan just smiles at me and laughs every time Tristan cries. He makes me feel so loved and wanted, but not in a needy baby sort of way. He's such a unique baby.

After I took Tristan's black eye pictures Noah asked me to take some of his boo-boo on his lip. This particular injury has been hanging around for much longer than anticipated because Noah constantly picks at it and opens it right back up again. Of course I hardly notice the boo-boo, I just notice those eyes! Be still my heart :) Noah's been learning so much at school! They're exploring proportions and comparing sizes in math class. They're studying the letters G and O this week... and still throwing P and A in there. He tells me numbers are digits or numerals. He spends most of the day sounding out words to spell. They've made pancakes, gone to a farm, counted pumpkin seeds after scooping them out, learned poems, read stories, sang songs, danced... no wonder he loves school! He gets the occasional orange face for not listening, but he usually comes home with a good report. Today he was singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in the shower. I seem to recall singing this in the kitchen with Tristan just the other day and got a "stop that, Mommy! I don't like that song!" from Noah. I guess now he does! I think he just didn't know it yet. He's finally enjoying singing :O

I dread the day my boys are old enough to date. I am hoping they'll be smart enough to be socially inept geniuses so that I won't have to kill any little tween prostitots.

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