I have decided...

I feel like such a butthead right now. I felt so guilty yesterday about my new methods to get Noah to try new foods. So I talked to the expert, my mom... she ran a home daycare for 10 years and raised 7 kids so I think we all agree she is THE expert. She gave me a few articles and reassured me that I was doing fine the old way. Noah is too young to understand the concept of "trying" something. I just hope I didn't give him a complex. That's what's nice about him being so young still... no one really remembers anything until they were around 4 or 5. I am still in the "mommy is a screw-up" grace period.

My new plan is to make mealtimes relaxing and fun, keep offering the food I'm eating and just cut out the punishment. I will lead by example and hope someday he eats. Ugh. I feel like such a dumb mom right now. I feel dumb for letting everyone else influence me even though I felt he was fine. Oh well, today is a new day :) If my pediatrician ever gives me crap again I will let him know he might be a doctor, but he's not an experienced mother and he needs to shut the hell up.


Mark & Britni said…
I think thats a good way to do it.All Moms learn as they go along.Even your Mom was a new Mom at one point!Some day we will be experts too!
Allie said…
I love your attitude! Thanks for the encouragement :)

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