Good Morning :)

The big storm that was in OK has moved south to us and everything is covered in an icy shell. I love the way ice looks! It's very pretty :) I saw this coming so I went ahead and did my grocery shopping yesterday before the front moved in and froze everything. My sister had all of her classes canceled due to road conditions. I wonder if anyone else had work canceled :) Or SCHOOL! I can't imagine a bus trying to crawl around in these conditions. It would be a shame if these Texas kids didn't get the opportunity to wait by the radio with baited breath, wishing for their school to be called... or staring at every crawl on every news channel, waiting for a glimpse of their school's name. Thinking "I'm going to go right back to bed", but that never happens because all the adrenaline and excitement will have them up the rest of the day. I think every kid should experience at least one "snow day".

I love that my mind and body knew I was pregnant before I did. For some reason I bought Smart Start and Boost (both packed with 100% of every vitamin and mineral) and all kinds of fruit and yogurt. Normally I don't buy that stuff for me because I eat healthy meals with few snacks inbetween, and am not a big fan of breakfast. But this time my body said I had to, so I did. That's one of the coolest things about being pregnant, I think. There are so many miraculous things happening all at once to ensure the baby is healthy. Hormones are released and everything just happens... it's so natural and amazing. I love it :) I am glad I'm a woman and get the pleasure to experience this again.
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