It Was Bound to Happen Eventually...

Last night at around 7 Noah jumped on my bed and landed right on the edge of the footboard. He already had a bruise on his head where he hit and I think that contributed a bit. His forehead immediately split wide open. It was so deep I could see where his facial muscles were. Very gross. He and I both handled it really well, though. I don't have a weak stomach at all when it comes to blood and injury. It didn't bleed very much and he didn't black out, only cried a little. I almost took a picture of it, but then I thought "people will say WHY IS SHE TAKING PICTURES SHE SHOULD BE IN THE CAR!!!". Anyway... he was an angel at the hospital and was very accomodating to all the doctors. They gave him a lot of stickers as a reward, which he stuck all over himself and me.

He got 4 stitches, which isn't that bad. I was very proud of Noah. He did an excellent job and was very brave. They wrapped him up to pin his arms down and I held his arms and legs while they worked. I watched the whole thing. It was important to me to be there the entire time. I just kept talking to him. He struggled during the cleaning and the numbing (OF COURSE). Once they started the stitching he gave up and just shut his eyes while I told him how good he was and how brave he was... and how we were going to watch Nemo when we got home.

He will get them out in 5 days. I think the worst part of the whole thing, besides the wait, was driving on the icy roads. All the highways are shut down so I had to take the access roads all the way there and back. Took me twice as long. We finally got home at 11:30 ish. I called Josh at 6:30am in Germany to wake him up and tell him the news. I figured he'd want to know first before I posted about it. He was glad it was me and not him too. Josh has a big issue with blood and injury to the people he loves. When I got an IV at the ER once he passed out because I bent my arm while the needle was in. My Josh is so quirky :) I love him.


Mark & Britni said…
Poor Noah!What a big boo boo that is!He was sooo brave!

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