I was in a pretty down mood yesterday. I believe it was due to 2 factors. 1- It was time to go grocery shopping but I didn't go, and so I really didn't eat very much and when I did it wasn't too healthy. 2- Poor Josh is suffering from a dry socket after his bizarre emergency operation and hasn't been in any mood to talk. He's trying to sleep as much as possible because he's run out of percocet and sleeping is the only time his mouth doesn't hurt. I miss him and he's not himself lately so it's almost like I miss him more if that makes any sense.

So anyway I took Noah to the ER yesterday to get his stitches out. There was literally no parking there... at an emergency room. I had to park on the curb, luckily I didn't get a ticket. Noah was really good and we only had to wait about an hour. After that we sat around all day until Jennifer came home. The 3 of us went to the grocery store and bought tons of fruit and vegetables. I haven't craved beef once. I've been craving broccoli and cheese like crazy though... not broccoli with melted cheese, just either one separately. I've also been craving potatoes and oatmeal. Yay for me! I hope this means I won't jump up 6 sizes like I did last time. Granted, I did go back down but I would rather not have to worry.


Mark & Britni said…
Haha.....I just carry big I guess I was the same way with Ava,but I lost all my baby weight too,thankfully!I have had a baked potato for lunch every day this week so far...I am on a potato kick too :)

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