Nearly 3am

I thought I was excited or hot or something when I woke up an hour ago. I just couldn't get back to sleep. Finally I started to drift off and the phone rang. It was Josh! He had just gotten out of emergency surgery. Apparently all the pain he's been having in his jaw wasn't because he grinds his teeth at night. A piece of food had somehow worked its way under his gums and beneath his wisdom tooth. It had obviously become extremely infected and was so abcessed that it was pulling the gum from the tooth and the muscle from the jawbone. They actually had to scrape part of the infection from his jawbone. I'm really glad he went to dental sick call this morning. Maybe now he won't grind his teeth! My gums hurt just thinking about it :P I think that Josh and I have a connection because I randomly awoke when he was admitted to surgery and stayed awake until he was out and safe... without knowing it.

In other news. I am so excited!!! When I woke up all I thought about was the baby. What to eat, how to exercise, what medicines are OK, how to paint the new nursery, how to paint Noah's room (he's getting older). Names names names!!! Little fingers and toes, labor, doctor appointments, cocoa butter! My brain flies off the handle badly enough without such awesome news :) My probable due date is on or around September 21st. We don't care if it's a boy or girl, but want a girl next... we'll be ecstatic either way. I need to call the doctor tomorrow for a "real" test. I hate going to that hospital :P However, the whole OB floor is actually really nice and the doctors are good and you get to keep the same one the entire time. OK maybe this got it out of my system. I am going back to sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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