I was right!

My body did really hurt when I woke up this morning :P I worked through it, though. I cut the top for Noah's shelf unit. It proved to be a little more hassle than I thought it would be. Neither of our circular saws could cut through the entire piece. I had to finish a bit with the handsaw. It wasn't too difficult, though. It worked out great. All I did was wrap an old sheet around it, didn't even screw it in or anything either. I figure that way if we decide to stack them instead it won't have more holes in it.

I don't think I'm going to reattach the doors. I kinda like it better all open; and I have the option to place slightly oversized goods on the shelves (such as the baskets in the picture). Isn't this so exciting? LOL ok I am done torturing everyone.

That was about it for my exciting day. I really miss Josh. I can notice a major difference in myself when he's not around. I hardly ever smile and I think I might be grinding my teeth at night because my jaw hurts. I'm a better person when he's around... and a more patient mom, which is totally understandable. I have someone to share our responsibilities with when he's around! Eh... I'll get deeper and deeper into my rut and be fine.
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