We're back

So we're back in Texas. I'm really glad we went out to Germany. Our family really needed that time to actually be a family. This visit was the longest we'd been together since October, 2004. We relaxed, cooked, played games, took walks, took drives, toured Germany, shopped, and talked a lot... we even had time to fight. It was wonderful.

Most likely Josh will be in Germany until he gets approved for his school. If he gets the school he'll be back in the states (in Arizona) in May. The school is 3 or 4 months and he will probably get to come back to San Antonio (around September). If he doesn't get approved he'll be in Germany until June and then who knows where we'll have to go. All we know is if he can't get his school he'll be deploying again soon for another year. Hooray for "sending more troops". So onward we march towards completing a full 3 years apart. Anyway...

I've been extremely busy. That's how I function best :) Noah's new bed came today. It's so cool!! It has a desk and shelves and drawers. I ended up having to rip apart a piece of furniture we built for him while I was pregnant. This involved a drill, hammer, handsaw, hacksaw and screwdriver. But, I did it in about an hour and managed to save the 2 shelf units. I also managed to smash my finger between the wall and what I was ripping apart. I'm sure my body will really hurt tomorrow, but I needed the exercise. I had a pleasantly productive day. Now it's time to put Noah down for bed. Gnite!

Noah's changing table before demolition

After demolition.
Spare Parts. I plan to take that long piece
and cut it down to make a new top for the shelves.


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