on hold

I called the main appointment line at 11:05 according to my computer. It is now 11:52 and I am still on hold, waiting to make an appointment. This is a regular occurrence for the military hospitals here (which all use the same appt. line). I completely despise this BS. They are also going to try and make me call back because I have 2 different appointments to make, one for me and one for Noah. I however, will politely coherse the disgruntled operator into making both appointments for me.
I noticed everything works better when you're nice... no matter how long you've been waiting or how tired or hungry or sick you are. I was nice after a 9 hour flight and 4 hours in a line with 6 bags and a grumpy 2yr old and I got a free hotel and a flight to SA instead of Dallas. I was nice after 4 hours in the ER (1 hour spent in a room) with a tired toddler who was very hyper and happened to have a HOLE in his head and poop in his diaper. I didn't get much out of that, but I think it would have made the visit even longer had I been a wench. So I will be nice now. I am not happy... it's now 12:00... that's 55 minutes of waiting. All I want is an official pregnancy test and to start my OB appointments and another appt. on the same day to get Noah's stitches out. Monday. Come on people. Answer the dang phone. I am tempted to hang up and call again. I bet something malfunctioned. It's been an hour.
Let's try again...

GAAAAH!!!! I will wait another 5 minutes and then I give up. I'll try later. SCREW THIS! I will waste less time if I just go back to the ER in 5 days. Having a baby is a natural thing... I don't need a doctor to weigh me every month. I have no questions and I always refuse those BS baby tests. I need to go to Lowe's and Target before naptime. It doesn't help that the music is elevator music and this lady chimes in every minute and slowly says "please stay on the line, your call will be answered by the next available agent". I hung up. What a waste of an hour and 10 minutes of my life.


veets said…
See? It's a sign. No OB for this baby! :P
Mark & Britni said…
That's crazy that its so hard to get a person on the line!!!I would have been mad too!I hope you get an appt. soon.I think my 1st real appt. wasn't until like 13 weeks when I had my 1st ultra sound,just because of our insurance situation.All they do before then is tell you..."yes you are pregnant...and then they poke at you & all that fun stuff :P haha

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