I've given the boys quite a few baths together, but this time I felt I could run and get my camera and trust Noah could hold Tristan up. Tris is a lot more solid now. Noah always wants to help wash him and rinse him off. I've said "be careful" so many times that Noah repeats it over and over and over anytime he does anything with Tristan.

Tristan is so hard to get smiling pictures of! He smiles all the time, but then he sees the camera and he immediately goes into curiosity mode. He always ends up looking a bit odd. I figure I'll just keep snapping pics and he'll get used to it soon enough.

Tristan is happiest right after bathtime for about 7 minutes before he gets his jammies on. He starts to anticipate the eventual feeding and sleeping and becomes impatient rather quickly, but for the few minutes he can bear he's a really happy chunky monkey.


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