Fun Weekend

Josh got to come home early on Friday! WOO! We used our time wisely and didn't do a single constructive thing... or did we. No I think we saved it all for Saturday. Anyway... we made some banana muffins with Noah. He really likes the new oven because you can see right through the glass and it has in internal light. He must have checked the muffins at least every 30 seconds. He always announced it first "Ma'ee I check muppins!". Fun times :)

Saturday we went out and got me a chair for Tristan's room. I LOVE it. It's a little rocker/recliner and I so enjoy not sitting on the floor. Tristan's room is almost done! Grandma B is making him a valance that matches the blanket she made for him for Christmas. I love the animals so I sketched out a little scene that I'm going to paint on the wall in there. The hippo is going to be next to the whole group in a big lake. Noah's room is going to get dinosaurs (probably the ones from Land Before Time) and little Noah hand prints eventually.

Josh found a stool at Michael's real cheap and thought it would be fun to let Noah paint it. Noah LOVES painting so of course he had a blast. I had him write all the letters in his name... he already knows which ones and which order, but he's not too keen on writing them in a straight line. He did them all by himself! He even remembered how to make all of them without me helping... yeah so the "N" is backwards... he's only 3! haha ;) I think we ended up with a priceless piece of furniture.

Tristan slept for at least a 5 hour chunk last night. I fell asleep sometime around 5am in my new chair while feeding him, but eventually woke back up and rejoined the hubby in bed. I feel great today, very energized. I'm not too sure why. I didn't get any extra sleep or anything... I don't think. Today we're going to chow down on pizza and relax even more. I'm going to pretend I'm interested in the dumb superbowl and semi-watch it with Josh while I do laundry. Maybe I'll even ask a lot of dumb questions... "what does first down mean?" hahaha. Just kidding, babe ;)

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